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專業優勢 - Professional Advantage


嚴謹的品質監管Rigorous Quality Control

秉承质量为先的原则,我們所用原料均符合OEKO-TEX 100環保認證,品質監管覆蓋每個生產環節:
Adhering to the principle of quality first, all the materials we use has reached OEKO-TEX 100 certification. Strict quality control covers in every production process:

Material Inspection: For physical properties, tests for CF to seawater, CF to rubbing, resistance to twist, density, fiber content and etc; for chemical composition, test for PH value, Phenolic yellowing, AZO Dye, Formaldehyde, APEO and etc.

Production Quality Control: Test for bond strength and washing, moulding temperature control, color check and etc.

配合客戶進行第三方檢驗,合作機構包括BV & SGS Third-party Inspection(according to customer needs), including BV & SGS .

高效的生產期Efficient Production Leadtime

完善的配套設施erfect affiliated equipments


Out board room has complete testing and production equipment, including 1 washing machine, PH testing machine, phenol yellow machine, milling machine, vacuum suction machine, automatic cotton cutting machine and shearing machine and shearing machine respectively, 2 horizontal single groove fitting machines,15 hydraulic beer machines, 20 punching machines and 60 pneumatic cup shaping machines.